Nootropics are defined as all chemical compounds that have a profound effect on how the brain functions and performs. They are known as being cognitive enhancers. Because this effect of improving brain power they are also called by some as smart drugs. Nootropics stimulate various neural systems which in term enable improvements in memory, energy level, positive mood and influence creativity.

Nootropic chemicals were used in therapy for patients who experienced brain injury or trauma in order to help the nervous system recover and restore normal function. Nootropics gained popularity when they started to be used by healthy individuals in order to enhance their mental performance further.


These often called smart drugs affect the way you think, increase the energy required for the brain to work more efficiently and vastly improve your memory ability. At least this is how they are advertised by the commercial suppliers and makers. Nootropics are tried and tested in patients who have certain types of cognitive damage or disruptions in neural pathways. In such cases, nootropics have good effects and with their use, there are signs of recovery.

Use of nootropic supplements by healthy and normal functioning individuals is a completely unknown territory. No thorough research has been made in this field of use. The only ones who report the effects of the use of nootropics available for the commercial consumer market are the users themselves.

It is tempting to anyone when they stumble on something being advertised as a smart drug that will boost your brain power.

Other “enhancing” effects include better quality of sleep, a dramatic increase of the energy during the day and total concentration and focus during use. Improved memory and its recollection are also being touted as super human like. Since we have only so much information regarding commercial nootropic supplement use we have to rely on the feedback of the users and chemical content in order to explain the nootropic effect or the lack of thereof.

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We already mentioned that in ordered to be considered nootropic, chemicals must have some sort of a cognitive enhancing effect. Some of you may remember that coffee also has a cognitive enhancing effect too. And you are absolutely right. Energy drinks, well, increase energy in your body and also enhance your awareness and focus.

Taurine, one of the ingredients of energy drinks has the similar brain-boosting effect as coffee. Thus, it is not surprising how most of the commercially available nootropic supplements include both caffeine and taurine as ingredients. Other ingredients include most often Ginkgo Biloba extract, Glutamine, Vinpocetine, Bacopa Monnieri extract, L-Tyrosine and plenty more others we won’t include here. There are other compounds that are included and we won’t go into much detail however we will point out the combined effects.

Most of these compounds have specific and scientifically proven and tested effects on their own so including them in one supplement does provide their full effects. These compounds protect the brain and the nervous system, enhance blood and nutrient flow to the brain and provide energy for its enhanced function. They will boost awareness and alertness and also increase the speed at which neurotransmitters exchange signals thus removing slowness to the thought and thinking process. What they also do is remove the usually mental fatigue and slowness which some of us experience at times and especially when we wake up. Concentration and focus are also affected and vastly improved.

We can turn to user feedback as a way of getting to know the truth of how nootropics affect them and learn from their experiences. Currently, on the pages of online stores, there is more positive than negative feedback for the most popular nootropic supplements on the market. People report improvements in focus, memory and also increased energy levels. Others point out that the use of nootropic supplements had a profound change to their lifestyles in the best ways possible. There also those that experienced no effects and attribute other user experience to a placebo effect.

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Since we are also users of nootropic supplements who do experience positive change in our mental and cognitive capacity – we can recommend them to anyone who is looking to do the same – enhance the mind and boost its every functioning aspect. There is no harm in trying since this change could forever turn the course on how you think and function daily. Not to mention how it increases productivity and creative processes. The opportunity is always there.