So many students struggle so often with learning and studying for tests and as a result become incredibly stressed about the possibility of being examined. There are a huge range of nootropics which can potentially help different aspects of studying. Some students worry about anxiety issues and are therefore restricted by their inability to focus on work and instead are primarily focusing on their insecurities.

Others simply don’t feel they have the memory capacities to be able to gather all the knowledge they are going to need. This is where they can potentially use a supplement in order to enhance their ability to focus on their work and hopefully increase their ability to retain and recall information. Alpha BRAIN is one of the most popular nootropics when it comes to preparing for an examination of some kind and provides many effects which people see as a huge benefit for performing under pressure.

How the nootropic works

Alpha Brain contains mainly choline with other molecules of phosphate and glycerol within it. The way that it works is one of the most studies fields of nootropics as this is amongst the most popular of any kind. Despite this some of the reasons for the effects that it causes remain unknown and work in ways that are not fully understood by those studying the supplement.

Like almost all choline based supplements AlphaBrain is a water-soluble molecule means that is very quickly absorbed into the body as it dissolves very fast when in contact with the water in the body. It takes little time to cross the blood-brain barrier and the vast majority of those who use the supplement will notice effects within an hour or two. It metabolises into the body and gets to work on the areas of the brain which are usually affected by choline based nootropics.

The fact that AlphaBrain contains two choline molecules for each of its glycogen and phosphate modules means that it is capable of working far quicker than other supplements. Choline primarily affects the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is a huge factor in many different cognitive functions including memory, learning ability, concentration and creativity. When using nootropics for studying these aspects are always going to be incredibly important and Alpha Brain certainly has a positive impact in all of the areas that someone who is worried about working for a test may be.

Some effects of Alpha Brain are not directly going to affect the performance in a test but could increase the functionality of the overall brain, therefore indirectly helping a user to study more productively and work with greater memory recall. However, the reasons for many of these effects is unclear and scientists have been unable to identify why Alpha Brain affects the brain in this way. Some have observed that it can act as neuroprotection which allows for more effective synaptic signalling, therefore allowing the brain to communicate within itself far more efficiently. It also appears to promote hormones in the brain which promote cell growth and repair in order to aid recovery for those who take part in strenuous physical activity.

Benefits of using AlphaBrain

Whilst there are still discussions in the scientific community as to why the precise effects of Alpha Brain occur, the fact is that they do and can provide great benefits to those who need help studying. These are some of the benefits that those who consume Alpha Brain may receive:

• Boosting energy – Alpha Brain can also act as a mild stimulant as well as its more cerebral benefits. This can be a huge benefit to those struggling with studying for exams who may lose their motivation to keep going with reading and making motes for their revision. If can take a supplement which will help you improve your memory’s function and also increase your energy level it will help your studying a huge amount.

• Enhancing memory capabilities – its best-known benefit which makes it one of the best nootropics for studying is that it helps to enhance your memory and improve your ability to recall and obtain information. The increased level of choline allows the brain to convert this to acetylcholine which is hugely conducive to creating memories and recalling those which have always been created. This is one of the most vital chemicals for creating memories which are easy to recall and therefore will be hugely helpful when taking a test.

• Extra recovery from physical activity – taking part in physical activity helps greatly when studying for a test as it promoted blood flow around the brain and the rest of the body which will allow for better absorption of knowledge. Using Alpha Brain will help your brain as well as cells all over the rest of your body to heal and strengthen from these activities and therefore grow your ability to benefit from this type of activity.

• Improving mood and motivation – studying supplements work most effectively when they can also help you to improve your attitude towards the work that you must do. Many users of Alpha Brain report that it does just this and they often feel more positive about the studying that they have to do after taking a dose of the supplement. If you can increase your stamina for work and your motivation to get it done then it is far more likely that the work that you do will end up creating lasting memories for you to recall in the test.

• Using as part of stacks – stacking up different supplements in your body in order for their functions to complement one another and greatly help you to achieve your goal is a great way to use the product. Alpha Brain provides the choline sources in a stack which is very important for a stack’s overall effectiveness and its ability to maintain balance in the user’s body; arguably making Alpha Brain the best nootropic for studying.

What is a good stack to use Alpha Brain with?

Using other popular nootropics to enhance each of their individual benefits can be hugely beneficial if one supplement in particular isn’t giving you the intended benefits which you were looking for; you can do this by creating a nootropic study stack. Alpha Brain containing such a high choline level is great as it allows efficient absorption of other chemicals into the brain and helps them to perform their function in the best possible way. A good nootropic stack for studying is likely going to include Alpha Brain as well as aniracetam and noopept to increase overall cognitive ability. This will introduce a variety of aspects into the blood system provoking different reactions from the brain and the stimulation of multiple areas at once. Doing this is likely to give the user a stronger response in regard to their memory or motivation than a single supplement.

Side effects

Anyone who is looking to take any kind of drug or supplement should always seek the opinion of your doctor or any other medical professional before doing so as there may be conditions or reactions which you are not aware of and could potentially affect your health.
Most users of the nootropic are safe from side effects and either only feel the intended effects or nothing at all. Some however have been known to suffer from: nausea, anxiety, fatigue, headaches and some digestive distress. A smaller number reported that it casued their blood pressure to drop and to make them feel incredibly weak.

If any of these occur go and consult a doctor immediately as if they persist for long periods of time they could cause serious harm to your body. These symptoms are more common with higher dosages so it is always advised to start out with a small amount of the supplement and build up your use, otherwise your body could receive a shock to its system and you may trigger some of the side effects.


Generally, the risk of side effects is fairly low when taken in average or slightly smaller doses. It is best to begin with a dose between 300mg and 500mg gradually working up to 500mg and possibly slightly higher if your doctor believes that it is ok for you to do so. When using as part of a nootropic stack the dosage will be slightly lower than using it alone as the effects of the supplement will be magnified by the others in the combination.