Nootropics are defined as all chemical compounds that have a profound effect on how the brain functions and performs. They are known as being cognitive enhancers. Because this effect of improving brain power they are also called by some as smart drugs. Nootropics stimulate various neural systems which in term enable improvements in memory, energy level, positive mood and influence creativity.

Nootropic chemicals were used in therapy for patients who experienced brain injury or trauma in order to help the nervous system recover and restore normal function. Nootropics gained popularity when they started to be used by healthy individuals in order to enhance their mental performance further.

Introduction into Nootropics Side Effects?

Nootropics form a part of new and groundbreaking technological advancement in medicine that seeks to boost the cognitive ability and brainpower of man. Nootropics are therefore drugs and supplements that enhance memory and focus, thereby shoring up man’s intelligence quotient.

Improving cognitive abilities through the use of smart drugs, another appellation for Nootropics is within the bounds of the law and is also a great way of achieving your goals and objectives in life.

What has been the cause of heated debate between proponents and opponents of the use of Nootropics are the side effects of taking smart drugs. It is important to note that, more often than not, the side effects that ensue from the consumption of Nootropics may be attributable to consumers either taking a very high dosage of the supplement or ingesting a brand of the smart drug that is not of standard specification/quality.

Another point of consideration is that the use of Nootropics is a subjective experience; hence while the smart drugs may effectively boost the cognitive abilities of one individual, the same supplements may tend to give other effects (good or bad) in another.

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Overview Of Nootropics And An Analysis Of Possible Side Effects

Nootropics have been formulated to be amongst the safest nutritional supplements available in the drug industry. Consider the help that the smart drug renders to the elderly. Research shows that the neuro- protective features of the smart drugs help to slow down the brain’s ageing process as well as forestall the decline in the cognitive abilities of seniors.

While more studies are being carried out to expand the application of Nootropics in other areas of medical need, the following have been put forward as the side effects of the use of Nootropics:

Nootropics and Headaches

Headaches are identified as one of the most frequently occurring side effects of the use of Nootropics.
Respondents complained of this side effect when they consumed certain brands of the smart drug. A plausible explanation for this occurrence is that as the brain works harder, the demand for Acetylcholine is high and demand is in excess of what the body can produce. This leads to a state of burn-out, whereby the acetylcholine receptor sites in the body tire out, leading to synaptic over-excitement, a precursor to the experiencing of headaches.

The good news is that this effect is easy to counteract. All that the consumer needs to do is to create a balance in the supply chain by consuming a quality dose of Choline to the supplement. Choline helps the brain balance its need for acetylcholine, thereby ensuring a steady supply of the latter. Consequently, the brains need for the chemical is satisfied and the headaches disappear as a result

Nootropics and the Intestinal Tract

This side effect occurs when you consume an excessive dose of the smart drug. When Nootropics is taken beyond recommended levels, the intestinal tract may get irritated and take actions to eliminate the extra material. This process may precipitate reactions such as nausea, diarrhea, or simply pain and general unease in the stomach and alimentary tract.

The remedy for this side-effect is to simply cut down on the dosage and take only recommended/prescribed quantities. If this path does not alleviate the effects, then you will be advised to maybe stop taking the smart drugs for a few weeks, in order to permit your system to seek to correct the effects of the supplements naturally.

Another way to go is to use a concentrated amount of Nootropic in a small dosage so that your gastrointestinal tract will not have to deal with a large amount of the supplement’s material.

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Nootropic and the Effects of Fatigue and Insomnia

Nootropics have been formulated to boost energy levels and increase periods of mental alertness. You should note that when a Nootropic is ingested just before bedtime, your mind can get overly stimulated, thereby leading to your being unable to sleep during the time meant for that activity. This is the case for insomnia. Fatigue sets in when you do eventually get some rest but with a quality of sleep that does not rest your body adequately. Hence, you wake up feeling tired and dull.

This double-pronged effect can be resolved when your place a premium on the time you take your Nootropic. There are also a number of methods to help you counteract these effects.

The first way is to consume Nootropics early in the day especially when you desire to bolster your productivity and performance. This will create room for the effects of the smart drug to wear off as you get to the end of your day. Another alternative is to combine another kind of Nootropic that are formulated for the promotion of better sleep quality at night.

The Use of Nootropics For Beginners

If you new to taking smart drugs/supplements, then it is advisable that you start with the safest brands in the market today. Recommended brands like Piracetam, that research has shown to have minimal side effects can be taken with choline, in order to gradually boost your cognitive abilities and brain power. This combination is effective for fending off headaches and migraine.

Another combination worth mentioning is that between L-theanine and caffeine. What these supplements do is to help you achieve greater focus and increase your attention span. By taking the prescribed quantity of l-theanine ( usually 100mg) and 50mg of caffeine, you will be able to focus on your work/performance while at the same you will be able to relax and rest when you decide to, without the feeling of having pent-up energy that must be dissipated. Read about it on our blog Beginners Guide Nootropics.

Advanced use of Nootropics

For those that are well versed in the use of Nootropics, the major concern is that there should be an avoidance of overdosing. When Nootropics that are found in natural extracts and other products are taken excessively; then the likelihood of a side effect developing increases.

The recommended course of action should be either a reduction of the amounts of the supplement taken or a cessation in order for the body to correct the imbalance.


The use of Nootropics will continue to find greater relevance in the field of applied medicine. Already research and testings are being conducted to see how Nootropics can serve as a basis for the treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and many other conditions.

It is advisable that you consult with a health professional before you commence or continue with your regime of Nootropics.